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Innovative Analytics Solutions

A new world stage requires new solutions for old problems, as well as creative and innovative ways to handle the new difficulties that crop up in response to an ever-more digitized economy. In the world of digital marketing, new concerns like analytics take center stage across the board of the world's major industries, with once well-established corporate concerns struggling to compete within a new medium of advertisement and direct marketing—one in which the “little guy” is in many ways no longer disadvantaged when it comes to reaching their target audience. With increasingly reasonable advertising rates and the ready availability of Google's information and statistical tracking data, anybody can reach a broad audience and achieve overnight success. Using analytics and search engine optimization, anyone can become the top result in a major Web-based search client for the niche of their choice.

What separates a potential success from a likely failure is the use and application of the data that analytics provides, on multiple different levels.

In the world of the 21stcentury and the increasingly digitized economy, there are a number of new services appearing which promise to apply relevant data to solving whatever problems your business or other organization might have on multiple levels.

Services such as Webtrekk, which I tested recently, allow you—the business owner—to view and interact with the behavior of your Website's visitor s in real time. In addition to allowing you to correlate your data, and view analytics-related informati on in a convenient and easily comprehensible format, approaches such as this allow you to focus upon visit ors who are about to navigate away from your Website, offering incentives and rationale to remain as unobtrusively as possible.

"Yesterday's" approach was to use pop-up advertisements requiring that a confirmation button be clicked if the user “really” wanted to leave. This approach lost all sense of novelty quickly, and is one of the major factors behind customers declining to continue the use of a Website's services—much like the ineffectiveness of a car alarm once everybody had one, as the nuisance factor put people off the idea of paying them any attention at all. Services like the Webtrekk Technology deal with the problem of vacating users a little differently, meaning smartly. Using analytics, approaches like these can tackle the problem from multiple different angles. Digital marketing now possesses the technology to focus on specific sub-groups of users—such as regulars, or people who abandon shopping carts after selecting an item, or new users, or people inclined towards high-value purchases. There are different forms of “invitations” by which the service may attempt to retain a potential user's attention, ranging from user-friendly surveys to live chat with support agents.

Finally, and importantly, in addition to the seamless integration of the various functions of these services, we have “caps” on such content, to avoid wearing out our welcome with the customer. Nobody wants to be asked to come back multiple times per exit, and not every customer can be retained 100% of the time. This is thoroughly representative of the next level of marketing analytics, and it is what business owners and service providers should begin to expect in terms of smart capability.

Functionality such as this is highly effective in retaining customer loyalty and encouraging their continued use of a Website past their initial point of intended departure—and with the smart aspect of the technology, it is possible to not only tailor an approach to a particular customer, but to actuallycontinue to modify said approach when and if their behavior changes—all of this in real-time.

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